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A little history of Cutting Edge Technology
We aim to provide a “different” experience than that typically offered by other service.

Located at 555 Radio Road in Little Egg Harbor, N.J.

Cutting Edge Technology was founded in 1984 with the idea that computer consultants should be about catering to the needs of their clients, not degrading them and keeping information close to the vest to increase billable hours. We pride ourselves in intently listening to our clients to determine what they do and what technology can help them to work smarter and more efficiently.

Whenever possible, we make every effort to teach our clients the "tricks of the trade" in order to promote self-reliance on their part and reduce their dependency on outside IT companies. Educating our clients improves self-reliance. Having educated clients eliminates "basic" service calls and opens up the opportunity for us to provide more technology available to them making their companies strive in an environment that changes every year.

As time has progressed, we’ve listened to our clients’ requests and expanded into other areas: Training, Web/Email Hosting, Remote Support Systems Monitoring (both onsite and offsite) . We offer turn-key solutions for VOIP, E-Mail/Web/Data Servers, Point-Of-Sale and Data Backup. As PC and MAC Consultants, we bring interesting perspectives to working with an office with a “mixed” PC and Mac environment. The CET Team is there to help everything get along. We aim to provide a “different” experience than that typically offered by other service.

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Owner/Founder 555 Radio Road Little Egg Harbor, NJ 08087
Roland holds multiple Microsoft certifications on Multiple PC software and Hardware platforms.

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